Because.. Day 11 NaBloPoMo


She didn’t want mommy to comb her hair…

We were getting ready fo the dandiya night and while she got decked up happily,all hell breaks lose,when its time to brush her hair.

oct 2010 427

Sometimes,I take headless shots..like the one in previous picture..I hate editing pictures..and so while I take normal pics..I also take headless ones or side ways or whatever…but this one is an  original!!DH clicked it and its going to provide ammunition for later,when we are having hair bush-battles.

BTW,what do you think of the dress??Pretty na??The outfit comprised of-

Green and Maroon fish-tail ghaghra with halter choli,matching green and maroon bangles,delicate maroon necklace,nails painted,silver sparkly tinker bell shoes with tiny silver flowers on them…

Aah the joys of having a girl.We tried the clothes on 2 days before the event,and the way,her eyes lit up,when she saw the dress..woww!!She saw the necklace and exclaimed, “Woww,am I going to wear that?” and the bangles..she had them on for 2 days,shook her hands,at every chance and everytime she did that,she said, “wow,mommy…do you like the beautiful music,that I am making?”…This is why I always wanted a little girl,to dress her up and to have my heart turned to mush,at her sweet sweet words.


12 thoughts on “Because.. Day 11 NaBloPoMo

  1. Yeah, girls do make home cheerful and you’ll always be young at heart when you have a girl. =)) Mssing Aadi so very much…plz jaldi aajao…


    1. huh? nahiiiiiiii how can I be angry with u sweetheart!!u are my sunshine-blogpal! the blogroll is DATED!needs to be updated pronto!..u are on my gmail ..i get instant email notifications!


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