Princess Diaries-Day10NaBloPoMo

Canberra&Blacktown 266

When we were in Sydney,visiting my friend,we found this beautiful Tiara,that we had to buy for Ms.Aadya and as soon as she put it on,she insisted we call her Princess..not Aadya,just Princess.

We were in the car,on our way back to Melbourne and the ‘Princess’ asked for some candy..I said,I dont have any..she tried again,’Princess wants Candy NOW!’..I said, ‘Well,Princess has to wait..’ and pat came the reply, ‘Princess,DOESN’T wait!!’ …It took me some time to answer that..because I was too busy,picking up my jaw from the floor!

And everything the Princess owns is precious…may be that’s why her new flip flops,were found here-

oct 2010 420


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