Nothing interesting to tell today..except that I am in too much pain.I woke up feeling funny in the throat on Friday..I couldn’t tell if it was my ear or my tooth by saturday..by sunday I was sure,it was my ear/throat something.I could feel a neck lymph node swollen by then.
I went to the doctor on monday,and she felt,not one,not two..but three swollen lymph nodes..I can’t turn without doubling up in pain..I can’t swallow..without catching my breathe..sometimes,i wish..i could just chew and spit my food..that way I wouldn’t have to swallow it.
The funny thing is there is no redness of the ear or throat-just swollen lymph nodes.
The Dr.started me on antibiotics..and today I feel a node on the other side of the neck also swollen.
I am going back again on thursday night/friday morn to see the doc.
hope your day was better than mine.


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