Learning your ABCs..Day 4 NaBloPoMo


Yes,you guessed it..this post is about teaching Ms.Aadya her ABCs.

We have been working on her alphabet for a while now.She recognises most of the alphabets..not all..She lacks focus..I know,I am expecting too much from her..But,I am only trying because,I know she has so much potential.And I am forever plagued by mommy guilt,that I am not giving her enough time..and that I am not helping her advance her intelligence.

No,trust me,I  am not pushing her..she has the brains..She was saying “Johnny Johnny” and “twinkle star” at 9 months.She couldn’t speak all the words..but she knew all the actions,and where to say Papa,No,hahaha,tar(star),ky(sky).In came the TV..and I think all she seems to be interested in is the TV. I want to make learning fun for herAnyway,so,we make a game of it…. we take turns finding the letters of the alphabet..and I write her name and other things on her magnetic writing pad.

I am confused about what approach to take-She is already addicted to the TV-I don’t want to introduce her to the charms of internet. So my medium of choice is books and charts and writing on paper.

We had not worked on the alphabet in a long time..Today she surprised me,by asking me to teach her and surprise,surprise..she wrote the letter A..from her memory,as I had taught her more than 4 months ago.Needless to say,I was on the top of the world. We did some counting today and did the alphabet once.

I know repetition is the best method,but I don’t want it to  be monotonous..I want to make it fun..If anyone has any ideas or suggestions,please do share..

I leave you with a her self portrait and the letter A

DSC04216 below the picture-the two parallels lines- thats her attempt to write A and then,she succeeded.And succeeded again….




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