A good school day equals to a happy mommy


Yayy,its Friday today and I am happy mommy..

Today was school day and it was great. As soon as  the teacher opened the door,to welcome the kids, Aadya took her time,going inside..you see,she was busy making new friends and finishing talking to one of her class-mates mum. I was happy to see that.As soon as,the door opened,I expected her to forget that she was talking and run inside.No,she told her friend’s mum.."OK,Enrico’s mummy,I have to go inside now..see you later”.

Before I could pick up my jaw off the floor,she walked inside,ever so gracefully and wished her teacher. And then,went straight to the MAT,where the teacher’s assistant was sitting! And she just never likes to go sit on the mat…infact,her teacher actually asked me keep reminding her,that she should sit on the mat. And I had been doing that religiously.

So,she started sitting on a chair near the mat,or she would be near hovering near the edge..but she never actually sat on it.Her reasons were,that she didn’t like the mat.But today,she went and sat right in the front,next to her teacher and helped her turn the pages.I did some mental cartwheels,before going to kiss her good bye.

Her teacher told her to say ‘bye to mummy’..and she did..and before I turned around..she had turned around telling her teacher,”Look Ranu,my mommy is wearing a beautiful top,isn’t my mommy pretty?” … I didn’t hear more..but let me just tell you,that Aadya’s mommy walked tall all day long!

And September 5th is Father’s day in Australia.And Aadya’s class made Father’s day cards.When daddy came home,his was promptly handed over to him..So,tonight we have a super happy mommy and a mighty proud Daddy in Aadyaland..


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