Brrr..cold is making me drowsy..all I want to do is stay in bed..LOL!!If only Ms.Aadya agreed to sleep in as well.
Another day of rain,no-sunshine and cold wave and I think,I will just have to drug her!!
BTW,for dinner last night,I tried to make our favorite Mexican meal- Chipotle style Burrito Bowl.And it was quiet a hit!
Have a dekko and tell me what you think !

Presenting Burrito Bowl in a plate:


Ohh and I am really thinking of merging both the blogs..my poor craft blog,lies unattended..atleast here I ramble..:P


4 thoughts on “Tired….

  1. That Burrito bowl looks delecious ! Any possibility of posting the recipe ? Pls 🙂

    I hope you recover from you cold soon ! Even here the first day of spring was gorgeous, clear and warm. But has been raining since yesterday 😦


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