Bright and Sunny Monday


Its a beautiful day,today.We have had cold gloomy days,since we came back..so its a lovely to soak in the Sun today.

My laundry baskets are over-flowing..so today is laundry day.I love hanging out freshly washed laundry,to air dry! And since we moved to Melbourne,two years back,Ms.Aadya loves it too.She is mommy’s little helper..she likes to hand over clothes to me,from my basket…or pass the clothes pegs.

Other than that,we don’t have anything earth shattering planned..if the weather holds,we’ll be off to the park,later.May be!!

Speaking of “May be”..its not really my fav. phrase these days..a couple of days back,we had a play-date and one of the kids, started crying.And a slightly older kid,pointed a finger at Aadi and said,”May be ,she poked her in the eye”.. Now,I know for a fact,that the older kid was nowhere near the crying kid and Aadi..and when I asked Aadya,if she knew what happenned..she said,didn’t know.I asked the older kid,if she saw Aadi do it..she said,no..but may be she did it..only to have the mother cover up for her,by praising the use of new words.But,I wasn’t too thrilled..:(

I dunno how Aadi will be when she grows up..but as of now..she owes up her mistake..and if she hasn’t done anything,she looks us in the eye,and tells us,that she hasn’t….And I believe her ! What would you do in a similar situation??


4 thoughts on “Bright and Sunny Monday

  1. Its a lovely day today isn’t it? I am loving the bright blue skies. hope it stays this way through the week.
    About kids, we can only take care of ours, and give them right values, hopefully! 😛


  2. Thatz so &*^% How do Moms cover up for such things, instead of telling their kids whatz rt. :grrrrr
    and hugs to Aadi, for being the sweet one that she is 😀

    Nice homely pic there 😀


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