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Back with a Flan…

Yes,yes I know,I keep disappearing…:(
I have many WIPs and so many times,I think about blogging about those but,just don’t get around to. I was away on a vacation..and obviously no food posts!As in,I didn’t cook much.
Its been two weeks since I came back and things are just warming up in the kitchen. Last weekend,I had about 2kgs of pears at home..come on they were very cheap..about $3 for 2kgs..and I CANNOT miss a good deal..
So,I had to buy the pears..and all the time,I kept thinking of <a href="">this recipe</a>.I first saw it 2-3 months back and had booked marked it. And boy!!this one is a keeper.Everyone loved it.I am going to make it again,this week,to finish the remaining pears 🙂

Go on,feast your eyes:



I am going publish this post now,before I drown in my own drool!!LOL!


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