Creative Gift Wrapping ideas

I am forever looking for wrapping a gift in a way that’s simple yet cute.
When wrapping my presents,I use all sorts of things-wrapping paper,cellophane paper,newspaper,stamped butter paper,fabric,strings,leaves,fresh flowers,beads,ribbons.And though I love the classic clean gift wraps,I can’t help but play around.
If I am giving a soft book/or a tubular roll of colored pens..I just roll it and wrap it to look like toffee,using slightly longer length of the wrapping paper and ribbons.
Same thing goes for something flat and round like a cookie box.
I don’t have many pictures of my own gift wrapping,except this one:

This is simple jewellery box,wrapped in crepe paper with colorful string,to resemble a potli or hobo-bundle! I was going to add a twig to it but it was too dark to go outside and look for it 😛
I also found these cute gift wrapping ideas,on google.(all images courtesy google images)

These bags are the best alternative to store bought gift-bags-economic and ‘Green’.

And look at this-So cute-just right to wrap up that scarf or book.I love it!

And this one-The gift is wrapped in a soft blanket-you are giving not one but two gifts!how cool is that!

While you are at it,do check what Martha has to say- I absolutely HEART her plant wrappings!
P.S. this is my first time,doing this type of a post..so please excuse my unpolished take on it!


4 thoughts on “Creative Gift Wrapping ideas

  1. I love wrapping gifts too!!! Love your Potli 🙂 I especially love it when the gifts are odd shaped ones 🙂 The newspaper gift bag is such a wonderful idea! Eco friendly too!

    Next time, do click pics of all your wrapping – would love to see them!

    And I LOVED your post! What is unpolished here????


  2. Oh I luvvvvvv such ideas too … esp. those which come with reused articles 🙂
    There’s this Emerald Mithai Shop in Hyderabad which always delivers sweets in such paper bags which carry messages like Save Water, about nature etc.. on them … so wonderful no 🙂


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