You have to be almost 3..

…to point at a funny black and white sheep on TV and scream excitedly..
“Look Mom!!!!!! It is me!” and laugh happily..

(Image courtesy-Google images)
..to call your mom TRASH,pretend to open it and dump some imaginary trash on her head and still get away with it.”Mumma,you are a trash(can)..Look I am opening the trash and throwing kachra..all done,Trashy!” Time for mom to start dressing better??

….to tell your dad,”this is our bedroom..my and mumma’s..but you can share the bed!!” and to be smothered in hugs.

…. to tell your mom,”Mumma,you look funny..”when she is dressed in her favorite jeans and top..only to have her check the mirror again and shoot your dad an angry look,for not telling her.And then you get to force them to laugh Funny with you..and get to say,”I love you,Funny Mom!!”

Aah the joys of being 3..:)

Have a nice weekend folks..:)

Edited to add- I just changed the title..She doesn’t turn 3 for 10 more days:D


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