Happy Gudi Padwa and Giveaway announcement.

Wish you all a very happy Gudi Padwa.May the new year bring you health,wealth and all things nice.
It was a usual day here in Aadyaland.I hate it when festivals fall on a weekday.That just sucks the excitement out of the occasion.
Anyway,we just did the usual stuff..didn’t even have bath until late afternoon- there was just no joy.The only thing I did was clean up! After bath and failed attempt at putting Aadi to sleep,I decided to stop moping around and get into the festive mood…lit some agarbatti and decided to cook the usual festive meal and this time for dessert,I decided to make Shrikhand.
I mean there had to be a reason why I picked up the sour cream.We had gone to Aldi,to just pick up milk and eggs and I just picked up a tub of sour cream…without a second glance,without a second thought..just picked it up.Nothing unusual about it..but seriously,since,we started budgetting…I don’t pick up anything just like that..I take a minute to stop and think..”am i really going to use it..”The fact that I did not stop to think that day,seemed like divine intervention to me!So,I made the sour cream Shrikhand.
To me it was just like God’s way of telling me..that He is watching over us..and we are a part of HIS plan..It just made me feel a teeny-tiny bit better about our forever dwidling finances too.
It started off as a mopey day,but ended on a high note…I am happy now..content too..and overfed!!
Which brings me to the question of weight..I know you guys have been polite and not asked me,but about time I told you..
As of last week,I have managed to knock off- 5 WHOLE KGS!!! And now struggling to maintain it..with all the baking thats going on here,its hard…but I am still doing quite OK! The scale is still not fixed..and punishes me for indulging,when I do…but,I push myself and get back on track.
All excercise is stopped for now..late nights and later mornings-need I say more..But,tonight is the last night I stay up late..
And now for the Giveaway announcement-

Nima of Made to Treasure completed 100 posts and is celebrating it with a giveaway. Go on over and congratulate her,and while you are there,don’t forget to check her crafty finishes!
I am off to bed now..Take care my lovelies,more later….


16 thoughts on “Happy Gudi Padwa and Giveaway announcement.

  1. Thank you for taking part in my giveaway and posting a link in your blog.

    Greetings to you during this festive season…i exactly don’t know about this festival…it sounds similar to Vishu in Kerala that we celebrate on April 14 or 15th…


    1. you are welcome Nima.
      Yes,its like Vishu..We celebrate both Gudi Padva and Vishu,as I am a maharashtrian and DH is from Kerala.what day does Vishu fall on this year?


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