The connection…-Guest Post

Its time for the next guest post.This one is from one of my favorite bloggers..infact the one that initiated me into blogging.I read a post by a second time mom on Indiaparenting pregnancy boards and it made me reach out to her.That mom was Tharini and on her encouragement,I started my first blog.Tharini moves me and that was another reason,why I requested her to do this guest post for me.
Here’s what Tharini has to say-

There are many ways to meet people. Both in real life and on the virtual. And the way I met Trish, could fall into the category of ‘regular’….or not. How do you classify something that connected to the exact emotional state in two people?

Indiaparenting it was. On a message board. Where I had shared Thambi’s birth story. Trish read it and reached out. Not only because it called for congratulations, but because it called for that special sentiment, called hurt. Hurt, that a mother’s presence would have made the all the difference, and her absence was a very raw wound for me. And Trish had sensed that. It was the same wound that hurt her too. Girls need their mother when they are becoming mothers themselves, period. And I was lucky to have that blessing the first time around, with a narrow miss the second time. And in all the things that a birth story entails, it was this that Trish keenly sensed and wrote to me about. Ah, the bliss of being ‘got’.

She began blogging soon thereafter, and I learnt a little more about her and her life. But distances are always there, waiting at the corner, to wedge their way in and open the chasm wide. Busy lives with very little time was the distance that wedged itself in our case. We are not in regular touch or completely tuned in to each other’s lives. But when she writes to me about doing a guest post after 3 eventful years, that is the time to pause and think, and remember and reach out once more. So here I am, wishing Trish many many more happy sweet years of blogging and growing in her own right.

A parting thought….this bookmark, with one question, READY? I love it. 5 letters, with a question mark at the end, and the potency of infinity? Oh wow!!! Ready? So open ended with scope for the widest interpretation, the popular one corresponding to your exact situation in life. At that time, for me, it would have been….are you ready to move forward from that point, from that ache and embrace your newly completed family, completely? Now, it is…are you ready to make some serious changes in your life, leaving behind old habits that tend to leach and remember what it is like to be pure once more?

What does READY? mean to Trish? And what does READY? mean to you?

Thanks for writing,Tharini and thanks for sharing this beautiful bookmark with us.
Ready? to me today means-Am I ready to take charge of my health? Am I ready for the next phase,thats going to start in our life,as Aadi starts school?Am I ready to give myself sometime,to wait for nature to take its course?Am I ready to make some changes in our lifestyle to make it better in coming months and years..?I think its about time and I think I am ready!

What about you?What does READY? mean to you?

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8 thoughts on “The connection…-Guest Post

  1. READY to me means..I am ready to enter in the next phase of life..it means I am ready to take care of very good care of my and my hubby’s health..READY to me also means I am ready to move into our new abode very soon 😀


  2. I had fun writing this Trish. Thanks for asking me and thanks for posting it. And its good to read what the answers to Ready? are.


  3. ready to me… right now.. means if i’m ready to face a new phase in life… ready to do something i’ve put off for so long. ready to move, as well… and ready to find a place i can call home for some time! :0)

    that’s a lovely post… very heart-warming… it’s lovely how tharini can put into words such beautiful moments… 🙂


  4. Ready to me at this point is if I am ready to let go of things that are making me rooted to the current place/stage of my life and move ahead to realize that I actually am missing out on some things that my child is actually giving/reaching out to me.


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