Project LunchBox

The owner of the lunchbox is the darling husband.Till we were in the US,DH used to come home for lunch and most of the days,I would breeze through the morning,getting fresh meals on the table,day after day.On the rare day,when he was going to be very busy,I would just pack something for him..or he would grab a burger or sandwich.
Then we moved to Melbourne-I don’t remember much about the first 5-6 months..may be he took lunch on some days,on others,he ate out…I didn’t care much. After we moved to this house,last february,pretty much the same pattern continued.Some weeks he would take boxed lunch on all 5 days,sometimes,may be 2 or 3 times..But one thing was constant..there was hardly any variety in his lunch box.
It was always- Rice-daal-sabji OR Curd-Rice OR Fried Rice OR Rice with Curry …you get it? the rice was constant.
He insisted it was easier to eat..and I didn’t mind,because,rice is easier to cook. Recently,I realised,how boring it is for him.He doesn’t complain..but just thinking/writing about it,bored me out of my mind. So,I have decided to bring in variety.Since the beginning of 2010,I am giving him boxed lunch,EVERY single day,unless he has a lunch meeting or if I am sick..and I want to continue this..because-1) It saves us money and
2) Its healthier. If only I can find other options.
The problem is it should be something that I can cook the previous night.Simply because,he doesn’t have the patience for my cooking to get done in the morning and starts panicking and threatening to leave,without the lunch.This gets me also worked up and I end up feeling unappreciated.And also,if I get up early to cook,so does Aadi and I am so not ready for a longer day of mommying.So,anyone back to the Project LunchBox-I am going to try and post what I pack for him,everyday..and hopefully some of you will share something interesting with me.
Do you or your spouse take a boxed lunch to work?What do you normally pack?


4 thoughts on “Project LunchBox

  1. Ya we do .. the main course is rotis, parathas or rice and we usually hv a salad to go with daily 🙂
    Nice idea to post it as a daily project 🙂


  2. Great idea. Everyone takes lunch box here in this family ! D’s lunch box is not as diverse as the kids’..but basic stuff is same. He normally takes one main and a fruit. Whereas kids have some extras.

    I will take some pics of their lunch boxes over next few days and post it. We can exchange some ideas as I am always on a look for new and healthy lunch box ideas to bring variety to their boxes.

    Didn’t know about ur food blog. Was just asking my sis if she has any new recipe for baking as I want to try something new and easy to pack for kids lunch box. And was also reading one of ur post which said in the end that if we want to bake something then go here !! what a coincidence. THen saw ur pasta recipe too. Will definietely try it. I normally make pasta in tomato base sauce. will try this white sauce next week ! looks yummmm…


  3. good post 🙂 when i was working i used to take lunch to work and mostly it will be sabzi, dal, roti, salad… i used to reuse the sabzi and dal i made the previous night and make rotis fresh in the morning

    hubby somehow never likes to take lunch to work

    and i am looking for ideas for ojas lunch box now starting june he will need one… the prob there are multiple… he should like it (which is so damn difficult) and he should be able to eat it by himself…

    lunch box is a tough one i tell u


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