Paav-homemade buns

If you have lived or visited Maharastra,then you will be familiar with Paav or bun paav to be precise.Its nothing but a dinner roll.Majority of mumbai’s office goers and students live on a staple diet of vada-paav and paav bhaji.Strangely,I was clueless about the existence of these two items,till I was 12..I think!
We didn’t live in Maharastra.We lived in a small town in Rajasthan,where even the bread had to be pre-ordered.The bread man used to go around the whole colony taking orders and go to the nearest big city and come back with a bag full of baked goodies. And even though,we visited the grandparents in Nasik,every year..eating out was not always on the top of the list.It was deemed better to spend money on mithati,fruits and clothes,than on eating out. But,Paav was always a favorite.
Paav is firmer than bread ,making it easier to dunk it in your drink..and eat,without the risk of it going all soggy.And there is no better breakfast than bun paav-butter and chai.
One of my resolutions this year is to eliminate store bought stuff and eat more and more home-made stuff.So,I started searching for Paav recipe and found this one over at Chakali’s.
Its amazing..the taste is just right.I left mine in the one,a little longer than required,hence they look all dried out..but the taste was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G..We couldn’t stop eaing and Aadi has been asking me to bake more bread since then.
I will definitely be making more of these..


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