What’s on My Mind?

Here’s a list of things on my mind today-
1.TGIF-Thank God its Friday.I thought this week would never end!Really it has been a long week.

2. Its going to be longggggggg day.I had planned on taking Aadya to the library for story-time.But,DH forgot to leave her stroller.We normally keep it in the car,because,madam wants to keep playing with it..pushing it all around the house.
3.How can I get Aadi to take a small nap- She took a long nap yesterday..nearly 3 and a half hours and then couldn’t sleep at night,despite 2 hours at the play-area.And she woke up at 8.00 today..she has been crying/irritable since morning.
4. If I hear her cry/whine,one more time,I will go MAD!!
5.How can I get her to take a nap..or is it even worth it?
6. Ways of making money..while,I stay at home with Aadi…There has to be a way.
7.I want to sew/crochet something.Its been so long.
8.What can I do to make some Money..ANY money..YEs..its been on my mind for sometime now.
9. Puppets for this month’s Artsy-craftsy.
10.Long Weekend Menu..We have a 3-day weekend this week..and I still want to avoid eating out.Thelast time we ate out was on my birthday.
11.Weight and weighing scale-I managed to lose some more weight..another 1/2 kg but,I had gained that much and more on my birthday weekend and the following week..so the lost pound doesnt count.And I am obsessed with my weighing scale..I check my weight atleast 4 times each day and I know I need help.
12.Aadya’s birthday party..I know its only at the end of the month and the party will be in April..but I am a planner..or atleast I like to think I am.I make big lists and stuff..That’s another story that all my plans don’t always work out.This calls for a separate post.
On that note,I will stop here.. have a nice weekend..
Ciao,my lovelies..more later!


9 thoughts on “What’s on My Mind?

  1. Oh so many things in your mind.. Relax Trish..

    About weight scale, i am also obsessed with that..Bt i dont check four times, i just check it out once a day


  2. Hugssss… now deep breathe trish .. hmmmmmmmmmmmm .. ya like that!!
    so many thoughts!!! prioritize it. 🙂 wish u luck.. 😉 while u r prioritizing.. how about moving the artsy-craftsy task a lil higher up 😉


  3. You have a rocking weekend too Trish. And if you find a way to make money, please let me in too. i can definitely do with soem extra cash. Oh! And a lady in the playgroup today, had brought in rexine/PVC bags/pouches she had made, and plans to go pro selling them. SAHM with 3 kids. The looked gorgeous, quite professional. i could not for once make out they were made at home. Maybe u can do something like that with your craft.


    1. Absolutely GM..and my offer of doing a stall together is still open! Only it gets expensive alone..I think.
      Wow.. I would love to see those pouches.
      I tried selling my knit-crochet things ..but its hard to break even..if I buy material here.Should thing of something cute,yet attractive..not necessary,knit/crochet..Even stitched.I went to this craft show once and someone was selling..wall art made by sticking buttons to form a design.simple and cost effective I think.


  4. Gud luck Trish .. take it cool n do what u cn 🙂
    I so wanna do some crochet work … learn n do that is 😛


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