Words… “Its only words and words are all I have to take you heart away”..I am thinking these famous words.I have always been a spontaneous writer..I write when inspiration strikes me..even if that means getting up at 3 AM and penning down a few lines.While what I write on such moments still remain some of my best write-ups..I have come to realise that the mind needs to be trained to be spontaneous.I cannot just wait for those bursts of inspiration..if I have to write something seriously.

I read a post on Desi Moms nearly a year back.It was a guest post by  a published writer and she said,That everyday,keep allocate some time to write.Even if it means,you are just writing about the weather,but make sure you write a few lines everyday.
In her own words-

1. Write everyday, even if you don’t write everyday.Keep in touch with subject matter mentally on days when you aren’t able to write. Think about it – think actively and constructively about your manuscript – sometime every day – maybe not when you are driving to work, but perhaps at least when you brush your teeth at night. Why? It keeps the subject alive in you and makes it much easier when you finally do get time to sit and type at the computer. (Having lived in America for so many years, I feel almost compelled now, to add, WARNING – This tip is not to be practiced behind the wheel; dreaming about your book while driving can cause accident, serious injury or worse).

I have a story in my mind..I have had it for nearly three years now..I kept putting it off..I told myself,I will start writing it,when,we settle down somewhere..or when we move to Australia..its been more than one and half here..but I still haven’t gotten around to writing it.I kept waiting for “it to come to me”.Naturally,it didn’t. Sometime in late september-early October,last year,I sat down one day,with the intention of making a start.I wrote a few lines and stopped.I started and stopped again..and finally,one day,when Aadya was napping,I started writing..really started writing and finished the first chapter.And I read it again..I was kicked..I already felt like I have achieved something.And then,came the surprise India trip.I thought,I will have all the time to write,there..but,nothing.I got nothing done.

I came back and looked at my diary everyday..and told myself,I should write..but didn’t or couldn’t.If anything,I kept the diary well hidden in my drawer. Today,i took it out,to check something else..and I read my finished chapter-1 and the lone sentence of chapter-2.I looked at it long and hard..and then looked some more…then,finally started writing..Aadi interrupted me for something,that was followed by a teary meltdown..Hers not mine..I stopped again..When she took a nap,later today,I sat down and wrote some more.

I don’t know..if I will ever finish it.I want to..I don’t know,if it will ever get published..but,I will be happy in the knowledge,that I did what I wanted to.May be I will just use one of those book printing softwares and print a copy for me to read when we are old and grey..I don’t even know why I am writing this ..May be I need to put it in words to get that “Push”..

Speaking of “Push”..this friend of mine,took it upon herself to keep sending me virtual pushes..Even couple of weeks,she would send me an email with only one liner- Push..hope you are working on it!She has just adopted the most adorable little Baby Boy,who is 1 and takes up all her free time..So,darling Amita,may be I had to write this post,to tell you,that I am working on ‘it’!

And all you lovely people..cross your fingers and send up a prayer..and feel free to give me that PUSH..when you think,I need it.


16 thoughts on “Words…

  1. Hi Trish,

    I have gone thru couple of your postings in your blog…its just awesome, I’m a reader, I love reading interesting blogs and appreciate good bloggers.

    It is really nice to know you thru your writing.



  2. Very true about writing something down everyday. I used to write everyday but stopped for the longest time. Go on,finish your writing! Hopefully its published one day and everyone can read it!


  3. I also sometimes feel that. I have got so many ideas.. My hubby always tells me to write a story, but I am not able to do it. So i think we should inspire each other to do this wonderful job of writing. hope you get the push and start writing the story. Whatever, you write, we will be ther to read it.. Dont worry..


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