For the love of tomatoes

Here’s presenting-The first tomato from our kitchen garden..Ta..da…

And here’s a little girl,who’s loved tomatoes since ever since she took her first bite of one..

Back from a grocery run..It was like she could smell the tomatoes..She would ignore all the grocery bags and reach for the one,which had tomatoes in it.She never looked..just reached in and pulled out one..How she knew which bag to look in..No idea!

And enjoying the fruit,yet again..

And can you guess what happenned to the star of our garden??Well..we checked on it every day,waited for it to turn RED and then,waited patiently for Mamma to take a pic and then,promptly,popped it in our mouth..to enter the tomato heaven…Aaah!!
Editted to add-I had some crazy thoughts niggling at the back of my mind,after I posted to pics..so deleted one!


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