The budding composer-My daughter

Yes,you read it right!
We were over at Friend S’s place and after dinner were sitting around.Dinner was this most amazing Mutton curry..Everyone else had rice and mutton curry..while I had some curry and some yogurt.A very fillng meal and then had half a GJ for dessert.
So we were sitting around and another friend’s kid had got this microphone toy,that was really cool.So,started the little diva’s performance..first she just said hellos..then she sang on demand..singing “Meri Khushiyan,meri duniya” from Hey baby.That’s her most favorite song.Then,she said,I will sing something about my munnu shonu(her baby)..And she goes-
“Hello my munnu shonuuuuu..I am going to pick you up and put you in the strollerrrrrr..and put you in the stroooller.Ohh my munnu shooonu..Oh my sweetie pie!”
Claps clap..Next song please
“I-eyeeee Am Aadyaaaaa..AAdyaaaa has a car-seat..car-seat..Papa is sitting in the carrrr seattt..and mummyy alsooooooooo.”Someone snickered and she glared and said..Don’t spoil my song!!!
I am still reeling in shock from this..My baby composing her own songs with real tunes! Another friend R,actually wanted to know which song she was singing..
A big Kala Tikka..May her life always be so melodious.


7 thoughts on “The budding composer-My daughter

  1. Aww I can’t believe this too .. so so sweet of her 🙂
    Wish we cud hv a audio clip here 🙂
    Amen to ur wish Trish! WTG Aadya 🙂


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