And its a good day…

THE SCALE FINALLY MOVED! and so did the tape!
I lost a total of 3 kgs since christmas.My weighing scale batteries had died down and I kept forgetting to replace it(may be I didn’t want to be disappointed again!) So,I replaced the batteries yesterday and checked my weight!And I am 3 kgs lighter.Woo Hoo!!
On 6th of January,I started XBX and on 15th of January,I started some yoga too. I was alternating XBX and walks..and checked my measurements again,on 25th Jan and I have lost 1 inch from the hips.All other measurements are still the same!But the loss of 1 inch,is heartening.
I am still not at a stage when,I can share the numbers with you and not lose sleep over it.But,may be some day,I will get there.
At the beginning of this year,I set some goals for myself.Some short term and some long term goals.One of my short term goals is to write a blog post about the Goals,before the end of January.
Anyway,as far as weightloss is concerned,I have targetted a 5 kg weight-loss till my birthday,starting 6th Jan.And I am going to keep pushing myself ..till I don’t get there.
We are still avoiding eating out.I am keeping count- 4 meals,since December 23rd.I had a sinus headache one day and we were out on the 3 other days.I plan every meal well in advance,even if it means going to bed,half an hour later,or waking up one hour early..yes,its all about sleeping!
If you are reading this,do take a minute to cheer for me,pat my back :),it will make me happier.


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