Tales from Aadyaland

From the Diva’s mouth

I had planned on blogging everyday in the new year..but my internet connection is very bad and I keep getting disconnected,every few minutes..which is quiet frustrating.
And typing a post when offline,wasn’t fun..but today,I decided to just do it anyway,that when,when I do get a good connection,I can just blog about something else.Life with Aadi is so exciting..something or other is always happening and I don’t want to forget it.
So,as you know from the title..Aadya speaks..so much that sometimes,it takes us a while to remember that she is not even three.She has her logic right..and she thinks I am her age or that we are the same.Picture this-
At my dad’s place
My phone rings..”Mamma Kaun tha?” she asks even before I pick up the phone.Its my dad..I speak to him.She hangs on to every word in the conversation and when I hang up, asks me..”Is it Papa?” I say “No,its my Papa..your Nanu”.
At nap-time the phone rings again,this time its DH.She wants to know,”Kaun hai?” I answer,”Papa”… “Kiske Papa?”,she demands ..”Your Papa,baby”
Aadi says,”Ohh Achcha,tumhare Nanu?” Mamma=zapped!

Back home
We are getting ready to go for a walk.I pull out a well-worn faded t-shirt..its a hot day.
Aadya-“Mamma,chalo ready karo”
Mamma-“I am ready,baby”.
Aadya-“Nahi this is not nice..I think its tight!
Aadya-“I said na change it..you can wear my blue t-shirt”
Mamma-“Ok get it..I’ll change”
Aadya-“Nahi Mamma,I think its small for you..you are too big…you wear Papa’s T-shirt!”

Early morning,one day sometime last week-
Aadya woke up and woke us up.Naturally,how can we sleep when she is awake.We were cuddling in bed,when she asks,”Papa,who am I?”next points at me,”who is she?” and then,”who are you? satisfied with his answers,she turns to me,”Mummy,your turn.Who am I?Who is he?who are you?”
This morning-
We are trying to move her into her room(yet again!) and so we went to sleep in the room next door.Sometime before sun-rise she woke up crying and I brought her into out bed.This room faces east,so as soon as the sun rose,she woke up.She tried adjusting herself..then,finally told us,”Papa,Mummy..I am going to my room,because,the fan is in my room. ALSO the light is coming in my eyes.”
I still cannot believe she said the whole long sentence..with such reasoning..with correct grammar!


5 thoughts on “From the Diva’s mouth

  1. WOW..thats lot of talking ..and I loved it !!

    Your papa , her nanu and her papa your nanu …great logic ..so you shd have addressed S as “Nanu” in the evening and seen his reaction ๐Ÿ˜€


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