Market Pictures

If you thought that I had forgotten about the pics,no i hadn’t.
Here you go-I shared the table with a friend

It was again a slow day…the regulars told us,that since it was father’s day,most dads had their way-which was Beer and Football and no shopping!We didn’t sell as much as we expected…but it was a good day.


Aadya wanted to get her face-painting done. And the face-painter liked this bag and I traded it for getting Aadi’s face painted..though the price of face-painting was less than that of the bag,but,the happiness on my sweetheart’s face,more than made up for it.:D


Here’s the Butterfly Princess-The only Butterfly Princess that roars!


7 thoughts on “Market Pictures

  1. I like your displays.
    What are the hanging things in the first picture?
    Me:those are earrings that my friend is selling.

    I loved trading with the other vendors.
    I miss doing craft fairs. I was good at it. 😦

    Me:why dont you do it again?
    Some tips,
    you know for some small things, price them 1 for $3 and 2 for $5. People always end up buying 2.
    And if there is a group of friends buying , go ahead and say if you both buy, I will give a 10% discount.

    Print out business cards with your email and tel no and throw it in the packages. I had quite a few calls from those.
    Me: working on that:)
    Make your packing attractive especially if its Christmas fair.

    Next time, will you take close up of your displays, I will give you more display ideas.
    Me:Thanks for the tips..will take closeup next time.


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