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Try and try till you succeed…

I got a new toy,about 2 months back..
my new sewing machine.
But I was adamant that I would only use it when I got a new table..I waited and waited..but it didnt happen..So,finally I gave up and opened the box..set up the machine on the dining table.
I found this cute teddybear fabric remanant in BigW and that was the reason,I gave up on waiting for the machine table.

I decided to make pajamas.I traced out one of Aadya’s trackpants on to the fabric and cut it..and then joined the pieces and sewed it..but something is off..the pajams are too tight,at waist.Ofcourse I havent put an elastic yet..but I know something is wrong.

I am so sad..may be I should try something even simpler?But almost everyone says pajamas are the simplest..may be pillow cases???yes thats it..I am going to try my hand at that next.
what you think,my 3 readers?some more simple projects?

Edited to add-I am trying to post pictures,but WP wont let me..check again later for pics of my sewing disaster:P


8 thoughts on “Try and try till you succeed…

  1. Did you googled to see pyjama pattern. I’m sure you will find some thing. Check Sew mama Sew blog…there is a Pyjama sew along is going on there.

    Why don’t you join Sew It, to sew along some basic simple ideas. We started with a cushion and reached table runner now.

    There is a utility called Windows live, which is a tool to blog. It is so easy and simple to upload photos.

    I think you need to copy paste these link…please try.Hope these links will be helpful. I’m afraid wordpress might block this comment assuming it to be spam, because i have posted too many links.

    If there is any error in the links , feel free to email me from my profile.


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