I lost my wallet..

I know not very original..but I am too depressed to think of a nicer title.
I just hope its misplaced in the house..Aadi is forever looking for coins in my handbag..and I am forever hiding my wallet from her..because of her latest fetish for the Kekit cards (credit cards).
And now I cant find it.But if its just misplaced..it is ok..I have looked everywhere and I cant find it.My heart is sinking…I just hope,I didnt drop it anywhere.
The last two weeks I had no reason to take it with me.I didnt go out much..and when I did,I used the cash from my sales at the markets.The one time I wanted to take the wallet and didn’t find it,ithought it was in the car..I do it many times-leave it in the car,that is.
I am not a credit card person..but there was one CC in the wallet,and my debit card..and my library card,my spotlight and lincraft patrons card..:(
But the things I am grieving most are- a Rs.500 note that my dad had given me on the day that i left for US the first time.He handed me the note,just as I was stepping out of his house to go to my IL’s before going to the airport.
Then there was my picture of Saibaba- when we were trying to get pregnant,I found solace in the SaiBaba temple in Chicago..
My picture of Ganpati Bappa from Siddhivinayak temple
My good luck coins-tied with the red thread..given to me by my sister almost 8 years back.
The reciept from our celebratory dinner ,the day we found out that I was pregnant.
The wallet itself was my favorite..soft pink aligator skin.:(
And so many little tidbits..I can’t even remember.
I am just soo soo sad..The cards,I can replace..but how can I replace these tokens of love,blessings..
I just wish I find it..soo sad 😦


21 thoughts on “I lost my wallet..

  1. Did you look under the sofa and in between the cushions?
    Hmm what about behind the bed?
    Also under the driver’s seat in the car.

    Under the stove in the kitchen?
    her toy basket?
    In your clothes drawer. Your washer/dryer?

    I swear I have found things in all these places.

    One I lost my wedding ring, I cried and cried. Do you know where I cound it 2 weeks later. When I pulled out the bed from my sofa bed, it was there.

    I hope you find it and retrieve all those special things. HUGS


  2. Aww, I so hope u get your wallet back. I am so not into keepsakes but I know how much they mean to people. I am also always misplacing things……once I misplaced my passport & only after I got a new one made dd I find it back. Now, it’s my phone charger that’s gone missing& I am using my MIL’s…it sucks.


  3. Oh how awsome. I know exactly how you must be feeling 😦 My wishes with you. Did you try to recall if there is a chance you might have left it at somewhere you went (library, store, park?).


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