Daily scribbles from Aadyaland.

We start our days with stories and end our days with stories too.Aadi is truly her mom’s daughter and loves talking.”Shomuch” talking..shomuch bubbles,shomuch Bhaatu*,shomuch kisses,shomuch cared**…So much is the key word and so much of everything is very good.(shomuch= so much,bhaatu=rice)
If we do something for Aadi,like give her a biscuit or her milk,help her put on her shoes or her clothes,when,she asks us to,she says,”Thank you,Shomuch”.
Someone holds the door open for us and the little diva pips,even before I can react,”thank you shomuch”.
Remember how I wrote about,Aadi waking up and toddling out to me,every morning?Well,her royal highness decided,it was about time things changed around her.So now the Diva wakes up and sits in bed,calling out to me,saying,”Mumma aake mujhe Godi lelo(come pick me up) come on,you want to pick me up?” And no..I am not allowed to say No ๐Ÿ˜›
So,I go pick her up,cuddle with her,on the bed for sometime and starts the story telling..”Once there is Lion…He goes Uppp-down… then there is Fider-man,Fider-man,Aadu godi le rahe(spider-man picking up Aadu)..he sees REDD-RIDING-hoodd..goes forest,shomuch aminals animals…aminals cared scared lion…and so on till I coax her to get out of bed and brush her teeth.
And then comes the Aape karte part. She wants to do everything herself.I say,”Aadi,come on lets do Brushy-brushy..”She says,”Yeah..Aape Karte”(I’ll do it myself)..”Let Mamma help you baby..”No,I said,aape karte”..hmm OK,mamma is left to being a spectator.Before,she even takes the brush in her hand,she announces,rather indignantly,”No rinse and spit”..yeah sure we’ll see,I think ..She has to rinse and spit in the end ๐Ÿ™‚
Then,we chose an outfit and she gets ready,to eat her breakfast and then play in the backyard.Remember how most of us girls,dream of having a little girl to play dress up with?This is the time,when that dream comes to bite me in my back-side…You know why?Because my little girl loves to dress up! No really..she changes clothes for fun..Typical girly girl…she dribbles a few drops of water on her shirt,when drinking water or washing hands and her clothes get,”DIRTY,VERY Dirty”..and can mamma change it please? No..No problem..she goes to her room,struggles to open the cupboard and changes into something else…comes and tells mamma,”Wowwwwwwwwww Mamma,Aadu kitna cutie hai,aape pehena”.
If she can’t get the cupboard to open..No problem,go to the laundry,find something to wear,put it on..and tell mamma,”Wowwww Mamma,Aadu big girl,ready herself”.
What amazes me is the ease with which she shifts from Hindi to English and back to Hindi.Even when talking to people she doesnt know.If someone talks to her in English,she replies in English and same goes for Hindi too.When we are out,she automatically switches to English..but when we are visiting friends,she automatically switches to Hindi.I think she decides based on the language being used at the time.She loves telling her ,when asked..Also,Baba name and Mamma name.Always the Ms.etiquettes,she asks others,”whats your name ?Or Aapka naam kya hai.
More scribbles coming up soon..I am falling asleep on the keyboard..Let me hit publish..and hit the sack..More later..
Hope you had a great weekend.


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