Aadu chats

Where ever we go,people ask us,”How old is she?” And that is Aadya’s favorite Question these days.She picks up her baby doll,pats her on the head then,asks me,”Mamma how ole is she?” And then answers herself,”ten”..Don’t ask me why ten.
Then,we ask her,”how old are you,Aadya?”
And she answers proudly,”two”,holding up three fingers.
We ask her,excitedly,”how old is Mamma/Baba?” “Sixty-Nine!!!”,comes the prompt reply!Always!



Every morning,I check my weight and Aadi is just waiting ..as soon as I step off the scale,she is ready to get on..”My turning,Mamma”..Then,she looks at the scale and anounces proudly,to whoever is around,”Sixteen”.

Me- looking up a number in my old mobile.”Mamma,what do you think you are doing,Missy?”,asks Aadi.
Flabbergasted me,”What ?Kya hua?”
Aadi,”I said,what do you think you are doing missy?Tun kya kar rahi ho?”,she translates like I dont understand English.
I mumble something  nothing ..She comes up to me,hands on hips,asks me,” Isaid..Tum kya Kar rahi ho Baba phone saath?”I tell her its my phone..”No i said its Baba phone and No touching Baba things” Umm Ok,Mommy..                             


At Nap-time,I tell Aadi to sleep otherwise Fider-man will come and take mamma away.She asks me,”Fider man aayega?”I tell her,”Yes baby,and mamma ko le jayega.Fir Aadu kya karegi?” She thinks it over  and tells me in all seriousness,”Loplop working karegi…movie dekhegi…no-sleeping karegi” Huh??she already has a plan in place!Does this mean,she has already thought about this??sob,sob..somebody bring my baby back!!


Yesterday,Aadi woke up late from her afternoon nap..I was making Rotis when she woke up.Sanj picked her up and cuddled,but she wanted to cuddle with me..and kept whining for me.
Sanj asked me,in a not so nice tone,”What are you doing now?”(meaning-just stop whatever you are doing and attend to the Princess)
Before I could come up with something nasty,a sleepy Aadya answered,”Roti-Paratha bana rahi hai”..(She is making Roti)
We burst out laughing..and she got so upset,wagged a finger at us,”No laughing me,Ganda Bachcha Mummy-Papa”..That shut us up Or Not!!LOL!


12 thoughts on “Aadu chats

  1. so i got to know ur real age..and u blog with a false age??? no no not fair!!
    reading this post has made me more mentally prepared to face what Punch will be talking in the coming year..


  2. haha; I know, we have the weighing scale routine here too. Sometimes, when Bubsie spots me going towards the scales, she’ll race me to it, “mummy-me-first!!”.


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