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Mommy Guilt

Mommy guilt strikes when you least expect it..
You see your baby gurgling and cooing happily at strangers and it rears its ugly head..And you start thinking”Oh may be she is bored of seeing me all day long-may be she will be happier if she was spending some time with others.”
You leave your baby with a sitter at the gym,tears streaming down her face,and there it is again,Mommy guilt-“I must be most selfish mom,leaving her crying child,with a stranger,so she can get some Me-time.”
The mother’s heart never stops breaking…be it over her child’s smiles or over her baby’s tears.
The latest heart-breaker in my list is little Aadya’s latest demand.Every morning when she wakes up,she demands for a BROTHER or a SISTER…depending on her mood that day.The reason being,two of her friends have a baby brother and sister each.And now,the Princess demands a Brother or sister of her own!!!!
My 2 year old? Really???If we ask her why she wants a brother or sister,she says to- huggie the said brother/sister.
Today she started her demand for a Sister,at nap-time.When I ignored,she went on to pretend cry.I ignored that too.So,little missy tells me,”Mummy,Aadya is crying”
I asked her,”Why baby?”
“Me want a Sister,Mummy not giving,Aadi crying,”Came the prompt reply.
What do you say to that??Mommy guilt kicked in and I felt all sad and mushy and cursed the damn PCOS .
And then,laughed at the whole thing…how a little 2 year old can hold your heart in her little fist and squeeze it ,while all you want to do is,squeeze her in your hug.


10 thoughts on “Mommy Guilt

  1. listen sweetheart….dont get conned by her, you can handle this guilt without any damage to a "third party"….what will you do when the baby is here and Pip starts bawling about how you dont love her anymore, it is all about the new baby, and she wants you to RETURN it now as she wants to be your baby. Yeh sab dramey hain yara.


  2. feels like yday when u cribbed about how she's clingy…. where do the years go! and don't worry… she'll make you feel guilty for something or the other… isn't that part of her job! ;)hugs, gurl!! 🙂


  3. Don't feel guilty to snatch a few hours from your own life :)And so cute that she is already demanding a sibling, she is such an affectionate child.Good to see you back though 🙂


  4. Aww… she is cute, isn't it, with her mock tears and all. Wishes all your way for getting her wish come true!


  5. Awww! How can you deny her her wish when she has such a valid and sound reason for wanting a baby brother/sister? After all, isn't the cuddling the best part?


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