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Happy New Year-2009

Here’s wishing you all a very Happy New Year from all of us at Aadyaland.

This space hasn’t seen much activity,since Sanj is home,and we are just too busy having fun.He has been off work since the 24th and that’s when the fun times began.In all the years that I have known him,this is the first time,he has had holidays and completely stayed away from work-so,you can imagine how thrilled I am.

This year,we brought home a Christmas tree.A new tradition has been started.We decorated it together.Aadya was very excited about the baubles.She took a fancy for the red baubles,and kept asking for “ball”.After resisting for sometime,we gave her one and told her its hers and the rest are ‘Santa’s’ and no touching those.Surprisingly,she was more than happy to watch Santa’s tree for him..:)even telling our visitors,”No,no,no..Santa’s”with her wagging finger and a wide-eyed face!

On Christmas eve,after she went to bed,we put Aadya’s gifts under the tree….and she was so excited when she woke up next morning.She ran to the tree,but stopped,asked us,”Santa’s??”We told her that Santa left her those gifts,for watching his tree and she can have them..Boy,was she excited then.She insisted on taking her gifts with her,when we went for the picnic.

The lovely Aneela and her Gman,invited us for a picnic with their friends and a fun time was had by all.We had already met Aneela,but it was our first time meeting Gman.And he is every bit as much fun as her.Aadya took a liking for an 18-year old,who was part of the group.We told her she was “Didi”(older sister)..and Aadi followed her around like Mary’s little lamb,all day long.And when she wasn’t following Didi around,she was busy playing cricket with older boys.She chased after every single ball,tirelessly.We came back,tired to the bones,but we all went to bed with smiles on our faces.

The next day was Boxing Day and that means SALE SALE SALE!! We hit the mall,after a filling breakfast at 11.00.Which is early by our standards but late by the devoted shoppers’ standards.The Boxing Day sale is the Australian equivalent of the Black Friday sale and naturally the malls were jam-packed.We were looking for parking for 45 minutes.Actually,no,we were not looking for parking,for those 45 minutes,we were actually,trying to get out of the traffic and get to the rooftop parking lot!All that going round and round with a thousands cars paid off when we got the stuff we wanted.A 200 dollar Vacuum cleaner for $90!!Now that’s a steal!And I am so in love with my new Vacuum,I have been using it everyday!!!:D

The days in between were spent going to the park,watching back to back movies..After all it is the summer Vacation and eating OUT! If nothing else,by the time,the holidays are over,I am sure,we (read I-the man never puts on a pound!!!!!) will be a few pounds heavier.Which brings me to my new year resolution,of losing the most weight this year.We were watching the biggest loser,at lunch time..And I am feeling very inspired.And this time,Sanj,has promised his unfailing support..So,may be things will work out.To start with,it means we have to cut-down on eating out…which means,planning the weekend menu,in advance.Because,that’s when we go crazy eating out.So,here’s to a new start.

New year’s eve was celebrated in the City.We joined Aneela and gang,for a Biryani dinner and cake,followed by the spectacular fireworks display.The city was so crowded,but after so many years of quiet new year’s eve,I loved the crowds and hustle-bustle,making our way,through the crowds,the tram ride,everything.We spoke to our families,on the tram ride back. Then,we settled down,quietly..umm not so quietly,coz when you have an Aadya with you,there is no quiet. Sanj was playing funny faces with her.We were sitting across each other,and Aadya was jumping,from his lap to mine,finally settling down on the ledge between the seat and the window,to look outside.And then,I felt,something sweet.All this happiness slowly sneaked in and filled my heart,making me all mushy and giddy. I found myself,observing,the three of us,from a distance,and I liked what I saw.

The last year has been tough for us,in a lot of ways-health issues on the ILs side,my own health,troubled times at Dad’s-in general,when we look back,2008 hasn’t been a very happy year for me and mine..I hope 2009 will bring much awaited Happier days.

I hope the year 2009 is happy and prosperous for you and yours..Happy New Year!

I leave you with some pictures:

Here’s Aadya with her gifts,on Christmas Morning

And here she is admiring a decorated tree in the mall

And here’s the busiest ‘Fielder’ at the Christmas day Picnic

Do stop by and tell me how you spent the holiday season 🙂


8 thoughts on “Happy New Year-2009

  1. oh im so glad you got home safely, you were good to leave when you did as there was a lot of ‘bad tamezee’ on the part of our desi ‘brothers’ this side of Federation Square…anyways we woke up for breakfast only to go back to sleep again..and were then busy moving the ‘hand me downs’, have just returned home..so didnt get a chance to call up. Here’s hoping the new year treats all of us well!! EMAIL ME THE PICS!!


  2. Lovely pics mims! Really hope none of the unpleasant things of 08 show their face in the future…wishing a smooth and happy 09 for you and your family! Man, you just moved to auz and you have a gang to party with for NY! Incredible! I would be wondering what to do! Pinch Pipette’s cheeks for me! Cute button!


  3. such lovely descriptions!! and i too wish that the new year goes really well for u and ur near and dear ones.. 🙂


  4. Aneela-I mailed u the pics..and what badd-tameezee?Lavs-Welcome back!!I missed u!~Nm-thanx I will tell her that :)Noonie- hehehe..After so many years,I feel like I am in my element!!And I have Aneela to thank for,for the gang!And pinches will be delivered!!hehehDeep-Wish you the same!!And Thanx,for being around.


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