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Every child has a quirky sleeping habit.I shouldn’t call it quirky..let me rephrase that-Every child has a special way to relax at nap-times and bed-times.Some need their blankets,some need their dolls,while some others need their bottles or blinkies.My friend Pooh’s son,Li’l A used to bite her T-shirt ,when he was sleepy.My Aadya’s comfort object is my arm,the right one from elbow down.Yes,you read it correctly.
Aadya needs to feel my hand is her preferred one.Sometimes face..though,its rare now.She loves the hand more.I realised it on the flight to Melbourne.Aadya was having a hard time,falling asleep.She was very sleepy,but at the same time,very restless..we kept wondering what was wrong..Everytime she would whine,she would look at my hand with a pained expression..and the “why are you doing this to me” look was sent my way.I thought may be she was uncomfortable because of my shirt..I rolled up the sleeve..and she promptly fell asleep with a smile..:)
Well,whatever makes you happy baby.
So,that sort of became our regular sleep pattern,she would feel up my hand..I would smooth her back..and she would be fast asleep in no time.
Now,for the last couple days,she has become Ms.Touch-me-not.So,she still wants to feel my hand and elbow,at bedtime,but,Sanj or I cannot touch her.If so much as a finger touches her,she screams..”Nooooooo”.So I have taken to sleeping,like a log..with my hands folded on my chest. All is well in her world..she sleeps peacefully.(anti-jinx)
Speaking of peace,she was the noisiest kid,in the post-office yesterday.I had to buy some envelopes and write addresses,on them.And she was bored stiff.So,she decided to entertain herself,by calling me,LOUDLY! “Mumma..Mummaaaaa,Mimi mimii..mimmiiiiiiii..mimiiiiiiiiiiiiii” every 2 seconds!!!! It was a nice day,after 3 lousy days,so all the old people were out..and most of them,chose to go to the post-office.Needless,to say,I had to face so many pointed glares..and I am sure,they would have all heaved a collective sigh of relief,when we left.
Me,finally,I have started waking up early,to enjoy,some peace and quiet,before the madness begins.(Dad,I hope you are happy now!!!)


4 thoughts on “Touch-Me-Not

  1. that was really cute…this stage of your kid growing up is the best and most exciting..there’s a new discovery abt her habits every other day… 🙂


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