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My Best Friend’s wedding.

One of my Best Friends got married last week.I say “one of my best friends” because,I can’t think of anyone who’s better than the rest.Of course there is the BFF,but she is more like a sister,soul sister and all..Its so funny,often times,when the sister or I,want an extra vote in our favor,she is roped..Our families are so intermixed..its hard to tell who belongs where..but then,i guess we all belong,with each other.

Anyway,not to digress..One of my best friends got married.We are a larger version of the Friends gang.We started off as just casual friends,teenagers of the same age group,who are put together in the same place.Our dads worked for the same company and we all lived in the same colony.Slowly,we became so crazy about each other that,we had to meet each other everyday,come rain or whatever. As we grew older,the drifters,drifted apart, but most of us,stayed in touch..Mostly 8 of us.

As everyone got busier,every day meeting,slowed down and we’d meet on festivals-
Diwali,new year,etc..and of course,every one’s birthdays .At least for a dinner together.Then,jobs and marriages happened.I was the first one in the group to get married.My Boys(of course,how can I think of them,as anything else?) turned up in elegant Kurta-Pajamas..It was a big deal to me..because some of them were going through a torn jeans phase then..:)

So anyway..slowly,the other girls followed suit and got married. Only girl left now is my sister.We went through each others crushes,girls-friends,boy-friends,rants,everything..kicking each others butts,when required,wiping tears and hugging,when required.And now the first of the guys got married.The wedding was in his hometown,Kakinada and only 1 of us,V,could go.He and another guy,D,who’s got drawn into the group and feels so much a part of us..that though I haven’t met D,I already like him a lot.So,all of 6th,I was so mopey..My best friend was getting married and I wasn’t there.Another important occasion I missed. What took me by surprise,was how I kept feeling teary,every now and then.Sanj,asked me,why I was crying.Wasn’t I happy for my friend?Of course I was..Of course I am…But it feels like an era has ended..We are not the carefree kids anymore…all of us,grown up..Next time I meet him,he will be a married man.
I still cant believe P is married now…when did we all grow up so much…I still remember those escapades from the colony,for chinese or vada-pav..or whatever.Oh and talking about P,how can I not mention,he is my dad’s unadopted,unofficial son.The bugger,got to drive my dad’s brand new just-home-from-showroom car..when we were being told,to close the doors,gently!!
I saw the wedding pics and I started crying again..The pic that first made me cry,was that of P’s parents blessing him,before the ceremony started.P was sitting,in front of the Havan kund and his parents were standing behind him,with their hands on his head.To me that was the most precious picture.Like they are telling him to go ahead and enjoy his life..they have done their job and that they are going to stand on the side-lines and watch him complete this leg of the race.
The other pic that made me tear up was P,sitting across his lovely bride,during the ceremony,with his broad palm,on her head.I think it was one of the vows,that,he would forever protect her. The one thing that makes P so special to all of us is his never-dying support.He has been there for all of us…I have never seen him angry,or without a all the time that i have known him.He is just there..supporting whoever it is that needs a shoulder to rely on.And now,he will be there for his lovely bride too.
Here’s wishing P and his lovely bride, R, a very happy married life..:)


7 thoughts on “My Best Friend’s wedding.

  1. Mimiiiii….sambhal jao!!! I dread the tearworks when it comes to the Pipette…first day of school, college, job…crushes, her wedding. Thoda tears bachao!! Waisey, Im impressed you had the energy to cry even after the sleepless nights and croup-chickenpox-nasty neighbour saga.


  2. lol!I lost a friend to marriage this sunday…in the middle of writing about it too:DBut its kinda good to know they’re all going to be in safe hands:D


  3. I agree..its never going to be the same!!! P is a married MAN!!!! But we all should meet up all together and meet D aswell…! Am emotional at work…AGAIN!!! =((


  4. Awwn…you are soo lucky. I don’t have any such group. All individual friendships. Touch wood – you are lucky to have this. Would love to see the pics you talk about here!


  5. :)its horrid when you cant make it for special occassions isnt it?!but the good things is we know that the person on other end knows and understands!heres wishing your friend a lifetime of happiness!cheers!abha


  6. Aneela-The Bubba says I have taps in my eyes.The tearworks come easy.:DMeira-You know what i feel :)-waiting for u to finish ur post.WM- yes..and We have P to thank for our friendship.noon-yes :)they all mean a lot to me..I will post the pics..just as soon as I get an OK from P.:)Swati-thanx..:)actually thanx to ~nm.and welcome back.Abha-yes..its horrid..but like you said..its nice that they understand..Thanx for the best wishesto the couple.


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