A chat with Pipette

This morning,I was doing the dishes and Aadya was playing in the kitchen.Its a nice sunny day and the sun-lit kitchen looked lovely.She was singing and talking to herself.
Suddenly she got up and opened the refigerator and lugged out the almost full 3 L can of milk. Here’s the dialogue that followed-

Mimi- “Aadi, what are you doing?”
A- “Dudu”
Mimi- “You want dudu”
A-“Yeah”..(getting excited)
Mimi-” Are you sure?”
A- “Da da…”

ummm OK..I gave her some.. 2 mins later her cup was abandoned and she got the TV remote.

Mimi(Aadya calls me Mimi)-“Oh you want to watch TV?”
A- “Yeah..(gets impatient)”
Mimi- “OK,sit on the couch and watch .”

I turn my back and she gets up from the couch,and starts fiddling with the TV button..

Mimi- “What are you doing?”
A- “TiTi”
A- “YEah Yeah..”
And she throws the remote on the floor.
Mimi- “Are you Mad?”
A- “No No”
Mimi- “You think Mumma is mad>”
Pipette- “YEah yeah!”

My sister told me that if she is bored..she just says yeah.. but I wonder how..she says no..when it comes to her..



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