And A Happy Diwali to Everyone

Diwali, this year was going to be very low-key. The family,back home has been going through some troubled times and I am constantly obsessing about that. and then, we just moved.We are still trying to settle in.I haven’t even unpacked all the bags.And with the limited 3-4 vessels,hyper-active Aadya, there is no way,I wanted to attempt making Diwali sweets and savories.
To add to that, grandparents on both sides of the family were upset, about not being able to send anything for their precious grand-daughter.We sent the address so late. So, anyway, we had pretty much given up on receiving any gifts this year.New place, not many friends..and the works.
But, we were pleasantly surprised,when our “only” friends here,when we moved,T&S, called up to say they wanted to visit. We were happy.They came bearing-diwali sweets,wishes and a surprise. A package from our very own,Dipali.There were gifts for Aadya and Me!! And boy were we thrilled..:) That sort of got us in the mood.Then we feasted on the goodies 😀 Then,I decided to make a little something, just shagun ka. Strapped Aadya in her Pram, and marched up to the Indian store. I got some stuff to make Chivada and laddu. And while we were there, Sanj called,with good news. A car,that he had gone to see over the weekend, got approved and the dealer was ready to deliver it the same day.So, I picked up some more mithai.We got back home, I finished cooking..and then after dinner, we went for a long drive. And what a fine car it is.
This morning when I woke up,I decided to make some chivada.That’s another thing,that I got around to doing it only by 6.00 in the evening. I just about managed to make chivada, mathri,and something,that tastes like Rava laddu but,is not even close to it in appearance..oh well.. something is better than nothing,na?
This time,we just lit candles and prayed..No elaborate pooja happened..More because,there is no space..and with this super-curious Aadya,I didn’t want to risk keeping it down. And its the thought that counts,ain’t it?
Anyway,now I have an excess stock of sweets and Sanj,doesn’t eat it.. Aadya is not getting any..I have decided no more sweets for her, after 4 in the afternoon.She gets a sugar rush and refuses to sleep.Which,leaves me.All the calories and the measly two pounds that I managed to lose in this one month..I am going to put it on back,with interest..Oh..such is life.
Wish you all a very happy diwali.May this diwali bring lots of joy and prosperity to every one.


4 thoughts on “And A Happy Diwali to Everyone

  1. Wish you all a very happy diwali and congratulations on ur new car. Hopefully, I will be there soon to ride in the new car. Miss you!


  2. Findingmyself- I hope so too.Dipali- yes.. hopefully soon..and Thanx again.wandering mind- awww we missed u guys too babe!!!


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