Happy Happy-Joy Joy

Swati tagged me..she wants to know,what makes me happy?So many things..Here’s a short list…
A Goodmorning hug and DH’s smiling face.
Early morning cuddles with Aadya and DH.
“Papa Calling” on my cell phone display.My daily call with my dad.
When my sis finally messages me-“Please call me”
A nice long chat with a friend.
A tall glass of freshly squeezed orange juice.
A big mug of garam garam masala-chai (hot masala-tea)
A great book
A day out at the Nail salon-good old fashioned mani-pedi TLC combo.
A fruitful shopping trip,where I find not one but many good deals..a complete dose of retail therapy.
Romance movies,christmas themed movies
A kind word
A recipe that turns out right
A new haircut.
A real vacation..And the list goes on and on..But I think I should stop here !
I tag-The Dot Mom, Kiran,Noon ,Mona and Shakti .

7 thoughts on “Happy Happy-Joy Joy

  1. Rayshma-where is ur list?Aryan’s mom- a recipe gone bad makes me sad..and one that turns out good.. makes me happy :)Swati-I shall take it up on Aadya’s behalf :)Shobana- Here’s your tag-http://splendidsunshines.blogspot.com/2008/02/tag-of-5.htmlAnd also tke up this one!Mystic-Thank you šŸ™‚ glad I made u smile!


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