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Happy Birthday to ME!

I am really big on occasions..birthdays,anniversaries and the likes! And I am someone who is easy to please,someone who needs small things to be happy..and every year,I am so excited before my birthday..before DH’s birthday and this year,ofcourse I am looking forward to Aadya’s birthday.My birthday is the one day of the year,when I feel like a princess!
Birthdays were the only days when we were allowed to pick up the phone,as kids and later,as a teenager,we had this unsaid rule about the birthday girl picking up the phone…:) just some craziness to add to the excitement.That and being able to use-“But its my birthday!” to get out of almost anything!
Naturally,this year I was a little,Oh ok,a lot more excited because of this new beam of sunshine-Li’l Aadya and this being my first birthday as a mom..and I must say,this year DH made sure,it was the best birthday ever.
This year,my birthday started on the 18th of february,with friends calling up from Mumbai..and then my dad and sis called at 12.00 am IST.That itself was enough to get my spirits high.Then,DH came home at lunchtime with a take out from my favorite Thai restaurant.
In the evening,we went to collect the keys to the new apartment and then, went out to a nice quiet dinner.And guess what,Aadya dozed off the moment we put her in the car seat and she slept through the whole dinner.So,for the first time,since her birth I ate a quiet,uninterrupted meal.Though I must say,I missed the excited babbles!
And just like that the perfect day came to an end 🙂
Another happy year spent-Another happy birthday celebrated-inching towards the big Three-OH-just two years short!

10 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to ME!

  1. ~nm-Thank you :)”Its nice to see someone so happy!”made me feel very happy!Lavs-Thanx 🙂 hope you are doing well!Swati-Yes,so true..I just keep waiting for her to wake up,when she sleeps and for her to sleep,when she is awake!LOLRV- its ok you are allowed to be late now!*wink*Rayshma-yes it is! And no you didnt miss the post..I started writing it on 20th but posted it late! Please come to help me unpack!Asha-thank you! Kiran Thank you! And this time will take up the TAG immediately!Jayshri-thanks :)Shakti-thanx for the wishes and thanks for tagging me with this one! I was going to do this on my own otherwise 🙂


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