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We’re back!

Heyyy Everyone,
We are back..Finally settled in our cozy new home….in Plano,TX. Aadya loves this new place..We were really worried how she would react to change.. but she took it all in her stride..
So many things to many posts to many to read and comment on..Hope you all missed us..coz we sure as hell missed you all! Looking forward to catching up with everyone..Sooooooooon!
Lots and lots of love
Aadya n Aadya’s Mumma!

8 thoughts on “We’re back!

  1. Hey Trishna, glad to see u back dear. Nice to note that Aadya has got settled in the new place. Waiting for updates abt her and ofcourse pics too.


  2. Good to hear from you! And so good to know the little one settled in so good…aren’t our kids such cuties and so accomodating? :DSo next post will bring up lots of pictures..right? Say yes..please….


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