Tales from Aadyaland

My Little Froggie

Date- August 21st,2007
Time- 8.15 pm
I was getting aadya ready for bed. Our bed-time routine starts at around 7:30 pm wih a massage,followed by tummy-time and bath.Then,moisturise,get into PJs,a few minutes in the crib with the butterflies and then rock off to dreamland.
That day,after finishing the body massage,I sat Aadya up for a head massage. She has been sitting with support for quiet some time now.And after the head massage,I just let her sit with the support of my folded legs.I saw her lean towards the mat. I didnt really pay attention to it.That’s because these days,she is so attracted to colors.And tries to touch the pattern on the sheet or mat,even on our clothes.So,I let her lean,thinking she is probably found something interesting on the mat. but she just stayed that way leaning downwards.So I looked to see what was it that she was so interested in.And what do I see? My little girl is trying to focus all her energy into sitting. She was concentrating on balancing her weight on her hands! I slowly slipped away from her.. And there she was Sitting!! All by herself!! Like a froggie!
Two little fists, digging into the rug, one tiny head focusing on staying that way. I called out to DH,he came running not knowing what was going on.He just looked at Aadya and smiled. and then I slipped even further away from her! And His eyes widened!!OUR BABY WAS SITTING UNAIDED FOR THE FIRST TIME!! DH grabbed the camera.And clicked her pics. She stayed that way for a good 3-4 minutes,even raising her head victoriously and smiliing at her dad!

( P.S. This picture was taken next day.And though it does look like she has the support of my leg,there was a good 3-4 inches distance between her butt and my foot!)

I was so proud!Am so proud of my little Angel.We sent SMSes to everyone! And then there were calls from proud grandparents.And this little achiever,oblivious to all the frenzy she had created!
Another milestone,another achievement,another sign that she growing up. My baby is growing up!
God bless you,my little froggie!

12 thoughts on “My Little Froggie

  1. Sunshine’s Mumma, Way to go Aadya for sitting up! The photo looks very cute! Aadya has a surprised look on her face “Did I actually sit up?” I read your posts and find it all interesting and well written.


  2. The little Froggie looks adorable. And wow – congratulations on learning to sit up.Now – next step – start getting mobile little Froggie – that way it is a lot more fun. Think of all the places you can make your mom run to. So go ahead and make her go bonkers 🙂


  3. awww…that’s so terribly cute. Wish I cud pick her up from that pic and give her a kiss. Congratulations to the little froggie munchkin!!! She’s perfect! What fun, now that she’s sitting!


  4. So cute! She looks like a little doll in the pic!Congrats on the milestone! So cute – you sending SMS’s to every one…I wish I had noted down when my son did all this for the first time…we have some videos but not exact dates…


  5. mnamma :- thanx for visiting:) hope to here from you more often :)Gauri-Hahaha.Message from Aadya- Thanx Gauri Aunty..n between u n me n everyone else here,I am learning to crawlMumma will write about it in my 5 month update.Tharini- Thanx for checking up on me and You can pick her up,the next time I am in chicago :)and kiss her all you want!Timepass- Thanx :)Noon- you have a second chance now :)Mad Momma-hahaha I would love to take up THIS tag! rite after this move.. or even before if i get a chance.


  6. Hey Trishna,Recently discovered your blog and it was so much fun reading about Aadya, she is precious. I have a 5 month old baby girl too and I recently started a blog. Believe it or not, I have a very similar pic of my baby in the same froggie pose, would love to share it with you. Looks like you are in the middle of a move right now, ping me you are back 🙂 !


  7. Mystic Margarita- how have you been 🙂 good to hear from you.Kutti’s Mom- Hii there, welcome. Good to hear from you..wow you have a 5 month old too..same pinch.. heading over to yours..now :)Keep coming back!


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