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I have been tagged by Ceekay,Mad Momma and Swati to do this tag.. and me the tag-sucker has to take it up!
So, here’s my list of things that I am judgemental about-
1. I judge people with double standards.They irk me to no end with their attitude-those who lead their life the way they want to.. but criticize others for doing the same..
Those with double standards for boys and girls!
Those with double standards for their kids and others kids.
2. I judge those women/men,who are great and experienced cooks but fish for compliments by asking innocently-“Ohh,I dunno how it turned out..Hope its edible!”
3.I judge those people who start talking in their language the moment they meet someone who speaks it,ignoring the big multilingual group they are part of.I find it very annoying and not because I dont like talking to others in Marathi..but because I find it rude to carry on conversation in a language which everyone in the group doesnt understand.
4. I judge people who are too sugar-coated-the syrup dripping variety.I am so wary of them.Its like they spell trouble.
5.I judge people who donot take the trouble to look up the correct pronounciation of words.I judge those who confuse their “there and their”,”live and leave” and the likes.
6.I judge people who fake a foreign accent in an attempt to look cool.
7.I judge those Indians who go back to India for a vacation,and crib about every single thing starting from the traffic to water to heat to pollution. They who would drink water straight from the tap ,while in US but will not drink anything which is not bottled when back home.(heat and pollution bother me too.. but its not as if the heat here doesnt bother me..and as for pollution,heck its a part of bombay and I love it!)
8. I judge those women who seem to talk ONLY about how great their husband or kids are! how everything and everyone in their famly is perfect.Come on! everyone has flaws..No offense to anyone,here we are all blogging mostly about our families.. but I mean the real extreme cases we all come across some time or the other,who seem to think that their husbands are GODs and their babies Super-babies!(though I do think my baby is a superbaby so I judge myself too!:)9.I judge those who claim to have no time to read anything other than Parenting MAgazines.
10.I judge those skinny girls,who are forever on a diet and fretting about how much weight they have to lose. I mean be realistic.I am by no means a skinny girl..if anything,I am a fat cow!! But I dont about it all the time! I am watch my diet,excercise to my best ability and am slowly losing the weight.But that doesnt mean that when I occasionally go out for a party,I just graze at the salad bar!
11.I judge those people who cannot mind their kids in a public place.Its not always possible to make kids sit quietly or behave like angels( trust me I know-My little brat throws a tantrum everytime i am in the middle of an interesting/important conversation)But atleast make an effort to mind them!
And lastly.. CLOTHES-
I judge those who turn up at Indian weddings wearing jeans!I mean come on! I was so mad when a family friend from DH’s side, turned up for my wedding wearing a white cotton salwar kameez,though neatly ironed.. but come on!! and had the nerve to sit on the stage,talking to DH!!!!!GRRR!
I also judge those who wear clothes that are not befitting to their body type.I mean its one thing not caring about your clothes and being casual but atleast look into the mirror,before you terrorise others with your freakshow!
And what do you say to those who go around announcing how they detest indian clothes be it a saree or a kurta..I am comfortable in a jeans but I am also equally comfortable in a saree.You dont wear it ok.but dont look down upon it.Its a part of our heritage!
I think I should stop here,even if my list doesnt end.. I am suddenly feeling so evil..after reading this post. But I am not going to delete anything..HEck thats what this tag is.. being honestly judgemental!
This tag is open to anyone and everyone who would like to take it up!

4 thoughts on “Judge-Mental???

  1. Guilty of, as listed underneath:brat being a superbaby and hubby being god…Not being able to mind brat in a public place…Turning up at weddings wearing jeans (heck, it was after a long day at work, and travelling back in Mumbai to change would have meant missing the wedding)Not dressing according to body type. Flab overflowing out of low waisters…repulsive arent I?


  2. MM-Thanx for tagging me..:)Kiran-I still love you!!haha and I am guilty of the superbaby-god husband and not being able to mind MY brat in public.hahha but I try and I know so do u!.And also of turning up at a wedding in western formals-(it was western formals day in college)..LOL But like MM said,judgemental is not a bad thing..Asha- 🙂


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