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My perfectly planned postpartum visit

Aadya turned 6 week old on may 11th and i had my 6 week postpartum visit scheduled that day.Being a big planner,I had planned it to the tee..

I would wake up fresh that day..I was sure Aadya would sleep well the previous night.. you see I had planned it that way.I would give her a late bath, followed by a massage and then feed her.And my precious baby would sleep for a good .stretch of 5-6 hours. I would spend the morning playing with Aadya and then treat myself to a leisurely shower,while she napped.I chose the perfect outfit for the big day..:) one of my favourite pre-pregnancy outfit, so that I could dramatically announce to Dr.H- see this fits ALREADY!! I chose the cutest outfit for Aadya..Charged my camera battery.DH would take pictures,while we girls posed with Dr.H.Cooked some extra food the previous night,so I wouldn’t have to cook on my big day!Yeah Yeah..for all those who are thinking..what a nut I am..Yeah I am like that..:) I like to make a big deal of everything. šŸ™‚ And this visit officially marked the end of my pregnancy šŸ™‚ Another milestone šŸ™‚ I had also planned to pick up a muffin basket for the staff at the Dr’s office..

Here’s what Actually happened-

Thursday evening, Dr.H’s nurse called and said that Dr.H wanted to test my blood glucose levels to see if they were back to normal,so I needed to be at the office by 8 am for the blood test and then I could come back later in the afternoon for my visit.. Sure,I can make it!

Friday night..Aadya baby just decided that night times are for playing.. so, while it was 3 am in real world.. it was playtime in Aadyaland.And just before sunrise,my little sunshine called it a day.. but only to wake up again at 7.30, screaming in hunger..So, mommy fed her, changed her and was ready leave and she pooped..long story short.. we reached the Dr’s office at 9.00. I decided to skip shower.. since i was gonna come back.. and have my planned bath before the actual visit. When I get there I am told I have to wait there for 3 hours!!! without eating!! or drinking !!! So, there I am ..No sleep, No shower,No food.. how bad can it get..Its OK..I’ll flip through some magazines, read some interesting articles n then go home and enjoy my well planned day!!!
Just as I settled down and go comfortable with some interesting articles…Aadya woke up hungry..OK, now this is really funny.. In a place full of pregnant women and new moms.. there is no place to nurse the baby..And I have still not reached the point where i can do it discreetly and if you are big-busted like me and uncomfortable about opening shop in public,you’ll know what I mean…I asked the receptionist.. and she said.. you could try the restroom!!!!And I did.. I tried nursing sitting on the toilet and it was so uncomfortable!!!! And imagine my plight when some lady kept knocking and asking rudely who was in there!!I buttoned up.. held my crying babe in my arms and came out.. I was ready to cry myself.finally the lab technician came to my rescue..she found me a spare room and ushered me in..with instructions to the nurses to watch out for me.
By the time Aadya was well-fed,it was time to get my blood drawn. this time I ran into Dr.H..she asked me what I was doing there.. n when was I seeing her.When I said that afternoon..she said no way.. She would try to fit me in while I was waiting for the blood test.She is such a sweetie.
Meanwhile, Aadya decided that she was bored of sitting in the stroller and wanted to see the world from a higher post..and how dare mommy sit down!! Walk Mommy,Walk! So, there I am pacing the waiting room with my babe in arms..Dr.H’s nurse came ,lead me inside and asked me to undress.. And that’s when I remembered my unshowered state!!! And if I could have..I would have really died of embarrassment or dug a hole and buried myself.I undressed anyway.. and hopped on the examination table.. and Aadya started to fuss.. She didn’t want to be in the stroller!! I jumped off the table,doubled up in pain,covered myself awkwardly and entertained her, gave her a pacifier..looked at my was time for my blood draw!!!UGHHHHH!! got dressed again.. hauled the stroller, got pricked and came back..All you mommies will know how I tired I must have been.. nursing the baby twice without eating or drinking.. carrying my precious cargo around..All that and no sleep!!
BTW, did I mention- in my perfectly planned visit,DH was going to be around to take care of Aadya..But he had an important meeting that was MIA.
Finally Dr.H came and examined me..I was hoping all the time that she doesn’t notice my unkempt appearance and doesn’t realise my unshowered state..She didn’t say anything about it.. and i will just pretend that she didn’t notice!She gave Aadya a T-shirt and me all-OK! and see you in an year’s time.. unless you decide to get pregnant before that šŸ™‚ We hugged.. I felt strange.I felt like I had graduated from being Pregnant to being a Mommy..Sure that had happened a month back.. but this was like the final certificate šŸ™‚ Strangely,I felt bad.. it was like leaving the comforts of an old friend and going out in the big bad world.. all alone.
And in the end,I didn’t get to show off in my pre-pregnancy clothes, didn’t get to dress up Aadya in her cute outfit..(though all her outfits are cute) and didn’t get any pictures with Dr.H! And nope.. didn’t get to pick up the muffin basket as well..
Ohh well!! so much for planning!

Edited to Add- I just heard from Dr.H’s nurse.My blood glucose levels came back great.. bye bye Gestational diabetes… until the next time there’s a baby in mommy tummy!


4 thoughts on “My perfectly planned postpartum visit

  1. Aww!!! You are a such mommy šŸ™‚ Don’t make many plans… go with the flow. I can totally understand how tiring it must have been for you. Where do DHs disapper when they are needed the most. Why can we never rely on them! What is the “marriage” all about than??? Hope your blood sugar level came back normal. AW


  2. LOL. Sorry honey…butthis was actually a little funny. Tho I can understand the huge predicament u were in and all the phyical discomforts asoociated withit.Just hope you had a nice long unplanned nap with your daughter to catch up.


  3. Hehehe AW ..I know what u mean.. but u know what.. everytime we decide what the hell is this “marriage” about.. they go ahead n do something sweet.. šŸ™‚ And yes the blood work came back normal..YAYYYYYYY!!Tharini…LOL!! i did get some unplanned naps everytime..I was rocking aadya to sleep,i am pretty sure I dozed off first.LOL


  4. Poor poor you…can proudly say that the husband was always around for every pre delivery sonography, doctors visit, etc and post partum check up and vaccination ever…its only now that the brat has turned 3 that he’s slacked off completely. Dont know how you did it alone, I would drag anyone with me, even the maid would do…


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