Here comes another one!

After writing that first post, I just disappeared.. First I was waiting for that bolt of inspiration to strike me as it used to when I was more regular with my writings. My mind would suddenly be filled with thoughts that I just had to write down.. no matter what the time of the day or night. But no such luck this time. Just goes to show how much tuning up my grey cells need.
And then I was on bed rest( Dr.’s Orders) I thought- Hmm now that I am on the bed.. not doing anything..I will be filled with so many thoughts,the thinker that i am and that will help me take my blog ahead. I even kept a pen and notepad on my bedside table for just that reason. Grrrrrrrr.. again no such luck.
So,Now I know.. That this beautiful mind of mine.. which i let degenerate.. will not start working on its own. If I want it to be as it was.. or even better.. I will need to revive it,to rejuvenate it.So, Here’s to a new beginning.
New beginnings remind me of spring time. Its already spring time here. This morning i was woken up by beautiful sunshine filtering through fresh green baby leaves. Ohh!! They are so beautiful, so fresh and pure. I didn’t expect to see any spring here in Arizona. We didn’t see much of winter.. and so i figured how different could spring be. But I am pleasantly surprised.. Spring is still spring.. fresh, full of new things.. new beginnings.
And This Spring is extra special for it marks the beginning of a new phase of my life. Soon I will have my little munchkin with me..So pure,innocent. The look that a new mom exchanged with her new baby always filled me with awe… and soon I will be able to experience that. It makes me excited, nervous, emotional, impatient, happy, overwhelmed all at the same time.Its so strange to be soo involved with someone you havent even seen.I guess the fact that this lil being is in you for the last so many months and that you can feel its every small movement, makes it so real even before it being born. See you soon, My Angel!


2 thoughts on “Here comes another one!

  1. HiTrishna…welcome to the blog world! And big welcome to the world of mommy blogs.Here’s some writing angle for you to chew on…when did u first discover u were pregnant? How did u feel taking that pregnancy test and seeing those 2 lines? When did u first hear the baby’s heartbeats? Did u have morning sickness? How did u feel about pregnancy then? Etc etc etc…all the way until now. Trace it all for permanent record keeping. It’ll be such fun to read back to it later.


  2. Heyy Tara, I was just thinking of the same thing and just decided to start a pregnancy thread. and I opened the blog.. and what do i see? hehehe u are suggesting the same thing!haha.Thanx for ur suggestions, sweetie.


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