Things that make me happy

Rainbows make me happy :)

In the last 2 months,I have seen so many rainbows that I can’t help but wonder if its a sign of good times to come 🙂
The girls and I were fortunate enough to see a complete Double rainbow-like we literally walked into it..but as luck would have it,my phone had run out of battery,but we stood there,soaking in the view.
There were a few more partial rainbow spottings and they immediately cheered me up and I have really needed cheering up in the last month or so.
I recently spotted this one,in my backyard,nearly complete,but oh! so beautiful ..oh! so perfect!


I ran out to the front to see if I could get a better picture of it..I couldn’t see the complete rainbow,but I saw a second faint rainbow behind this one…Can you spot it?Just over the bright green leaves.

And yesterday,we were driving back from a friend’s place and we saw a rainbow…A complete rainbow..SO Perfect,such bright colors and so close to the car..I almost reached out to touch it. But,the phone was out of charge(AGAIN!!!)
But I don’t think I am going to forget the view in a hurry 🙂
I hope these photos make you smile,just as the rainbows made me smile 🙂