Life’s simple pleasures

[Image courtesy- Google images]
The last few days have been exceptionally hot..We have been indoors all day long..spending our time in air-conditioned living room.That’s the only room that has the AC.Sitting anywhere else is out of question,with temperatures soaring,reaching a high of 42degC.
The heat makes it hard to cook and eat.So,we have been feasting on summer treats..cool cucumber slices,peach wedges,freshly squeezed lemonade,thin buttermilk(taak in marathi).Today was the same.We could barely eat lunch..but a plate full of cucumber sticks was demolished quickly by us.And when I was chomping down my share,a memory made me smile.
Summer-time,usually meant a trip to Aaji-Ajoba’s place in Devlali.And when we visited,my aunt would come over with Sofi-Sahil too.And almost second day,Ajoba(my maternal G’pa) would go to the vegetable market and come back with two bags full of vegetables and fruits.And in those bags,among other things were the little cucumbers..similar in shape and size to the pickle cucumber,but white skin and green flesh..yummmmmm.
We could each pick one of our choice and then Aaji would peel it and slice it lengthwise into four pieces and sprinkle some salt on it and give it to each one of us,in our own kiddie-sized plate..The first bite,when the cool sweet cucumber taste hits you,is bliss…Aah…just remembering it makes my mouth water.
Watching Aadi savour her Kakadi(cucumber in hindi),saying yummm with some bites and just closing her eyes and enjoying the others..reminded me that indeed these are life’s simple pleasures.