Diwali in a Jar

Every year,for Diwali,I host a one-dish potluck party.This year,thanks to my non-existing Diwali spirits,I didn’t plan anything. SD wanted a celebration,but I was in no mood for it. So, we accepted the invitations to others’ parties and so instead of playing hostess,I am playing guests 🙂 And that means,I get to bring them presents and that I get to create those presents*rubs her hands in glee*.

Now,everyone who knows me,know I love glass jars.I absolutely adore them. So I got a couple of Glass jars and filled them up with sweet and savory Diwali treats,tied a ribbon to the neck of each jar.And I am wishing someone gifted one of these to me 😀


I put a small square of baking paper between each layer.

This is the top-most layer-something sweet to start your Diwali with and it ain’t Diwali,if there are no lights,correct?
If you are looking for a last minute gift,look no more 🙂
Oh,just in case,you are wondering,everything in the Jar is out-sourced,but the packaging was done by me..:P
Happy Diwali and Prosperous New year,peeps 🙂


Recycled clay lamps-Day 8

Every year we buy 5 new diyas or clay lamps,as tradition.And every year I save them for next year..as a result now I have amassed quite a collection of clay lamps,that I go about placing through out the house.
The ones that are placed,higher up,out of kids’ reach,have tea-lights in them.The ones on the floor and on the coffee table have battery operated tea-lights in them.
Anyway,not digressing,every year,a few days before Diwali,I dig out my stash of used diyas and clean them,dig out the wax,wash/wipe them clean.I have stopped using oil diyas now-with the exception of one that I keep near the main Diwali Pooja set up.So most of the Diyas can be reused and look all pretty,with just a touch of paint.
This year,however,Ms.Aadya wanted to paint them. We found a box of plain clay lamps at the Indian shop and she was going to paint those..but I asked her to try her hand on these first.
And using some paint and rhinestones and glitter,she did a great job.I am so proud of her!Here have a look 🙂

Nice and pretty,eh??

Before I go,I wanted to say,”Thank you” to everyone who takes the time to read my posts. Seeing the numbers go up on the stat counter,makes me so happy.Even if I see one extra visitor,my heart jumps with joy.So sincerely,from the bottom of my heart-Thank you for supporting my blog and encouraging me with your comments and visits.