And it’s a wrap… February 2021

And just like that , it’s the last day of February. February is a special month for me, as it my birth month.

I turned another year older and wiser( atleast I think I am wiser!) and my blog turned another year older. I have been blogging for 14 years now.

As much as I want to blog more regularly, life gets in the way.. and .. yeah..

Anyway, here’s some cake to celebrate the blog and me 😊

I start Uni again tomorrow. I have 4 more subjects and one more year of studying to complete it order to finish this course.

Sometimes I am tempted to shut down the blog but I can’t.. active or dormant, the blog is a big part of me, a big part of who I am today – my identity. So, I will just keep posting sporadically as and when I can.

Looking forward to a fun March,



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