Why is this so hard?

I have been thinking .. wondering really- why am I finding it so hard to stay on track with every day blogging. I have done it in the past, then why not now?

I don’t know.. it could be that there is so much noise in my head that the thought of talking is tiring .. and isn’t blogging a way of talking too? I guess it’s my one sided monologue. And sometimes it becomes too much of an effort to even string two sentences together.

This past week I went into the office 3 days out of five.. and I came home tired .. happy .. T.I.R.E.D! As the resident teen likes to say, “ I didn’t realise how much energy socialising takes out if me”. We are quite comfortable working from home, plugging away quietly, but add voices in the background, people stopping by talking to you , and it’s a whole different game. It is exhausting – this focusing on your work, while trying to process multiple stimulations in the background.

And then, there’s the eternal question of what to wear. Why are sweat pants and PJs not official enough? I have been wearing my jeans with a nice top to work but I was a part of the interview panel last week and had to find my office wear. I think I need new office tops. I have lost a little weight and so my old tops all have a potential for wardrobe malfunction! 😃

Speaking of clothes, I caught up with a friend after 6-7 months. It was so nice to catch up. As we were meeting after a long time, I decided to wear my new Lakhnawi kurta. We didn’t remember to take photos but I came home, applied some lipstick and took a selfie ( just like that!)

When I started this post, I wasn’t sure whether I would be able to write anything. But I did 😊 So, I will end this here and leave you with a photo of me 😊

You can see my greys shining through 😊

Much love,

Trish ❤️


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