We have had a hectic day and half. Last night MrMowgli got quite sick and we had to rush him to emergency vets. We got back home after 1:30 AM . SP slept on the couch to keep an eye on him and spent most of today looking after him.

He started getting worse around midday as the effect of last nights meds wore off and after a quick phone consult with his usual vets,we were asked to bring him back in. We were worried about a potential blockage in his stomach and that he might need a surgery but tests and X-rays ruled that out. Hopefully the meds will kick in, he keeps his food in and is on the mend soon.

MsAn was the most worried about him and didn’t want to leave his side.. they both fell asleep in the car, snuggled up together.

Old photo but they are seen like this most of the time.

If you are reading this, send some healing vibes to MrMowgli .

️❤️ Trish


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