Little things we took for granted

Today, I had to duck out for a work errand, so I decided to pickup a coffee.. coffee – from a cafe! This used to be our normal – stopping at a cafe to grab takeaway coffee..we, Melbournians love our coffee!

I love my masala chai but there is something about a freshly brewed coffee that kicks all my senses alive. So, as I said I got a REAL coffee today after what seems like forever. The last time I got a coffee from a cafe was more than 3 months ago.

The last time I went to the shops was 1 month ago- I went to pick up my click and collect veggies order. Oh I did duck into the corner store to pickup some milk as we were completely out. We are getting everything delivered , including milk and eggs, since April I think. I am happy to be in my little bubble , safe and secure.

The girls have been at home for exactly 6 months now. They have gone out exactly 5-6 times in these months – once/ twice to the dr, 4 days to school and once to the shops to get a gift for SP( same day as going to the school) . Of course they have gone out for solitary walks, but that doesn’t count as there is no interaction with anyone on those walks. In another 3 days, it will be 6 months since SP & I started working from home. Atleast I went into the office to collect critical items, SP hasn’t even done that.

Who would have thought that going into work or cafe or grocery store would become a sometime thing? It felt strange.. very strange. Who would have thought that using a mask would feel normal. Uncomfortable but normal. But I am not complaining, I feel safe when I have the mask on .

This takeaway coffee on my desk turned my home office into real office for those 5 minutes!!

What’s your favourite coffee? Mine is Soy Mocha 🤤 and I enjoyed every last drop of it, noisily slurping every last bit of the magic potion. 🤤

Do share your favourite coffee with me 😊

More later,

Trish xx


4 thoughts on “Little things we took for granted

  1. Coffee looks good… It’s crazy this new normal.
    I was always a homebody but I miss my space.
    We haven’t stepped out at all.. all groceries are delivered, school is online. Walks are difficult too as many people in our apartment are still not wearing masks.
    Last week was the first time in 6 months that we went for a drive. Had 2 hours between school, tuition and housework.
    Rolled down the windows and I enjoyed the sun and breeze. We drove down to a nearby lake and just watched some ducks swim by. It was beautiful.

    I miss hugging my parents and friends. But I’m thankful for WhatsApp video calls and that everyone is doing well. ❤️

    Love to you and the girls, trish. Hang in there. This too shall pass.


    1. I hear you,Shruti . I am a hugger too. I miss hugs and the normalcy . The drive sounds so refreshing ❤️❤️ lots of love and hugs, coming back your way ❤️❤️


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