Being a Mum

Being a mum is responding to a whiny, long drawn “Mummmm/ Mummmyyyy / Mummma” with a Yessss( and a mental eye roll) to turn around and realise that it’s not your child.

Being a mum, means you can still hear and recognise her child’s voice in the chorus or a cacophony of little voices and smile despite the noise.

Being a mum means your heart can swell with pride and break at the same time – Pride because your little munchkin recognises what is upsetting her & is ready to face it. Heartbreak- because your little love is being so brave and doing a great job of holding her tears.

Being a mum is a great balancing act – between being tough & loving , soft & stern, being fun & setting boundaries.

It’s a constant juggle between wanting to spend more time with them and wanting to send them to bed.

It’s a constant struggle between wanting to be at home with them and wanting to be at work, because I do love being at both places.

Motherhood – this overwhelming feeling that consumes you, takes over your mind, heart and soul but, I wouldn’t trade it for anything.


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