Hello again,

So, I thought I’d update the blog for MsA’s Birthday, then let it gather the virtual cobwebs till July, and update again when it’s MsAn’s Birthday.

But, I have a new reader and I want to keep her hooked!! So, here I am talking/typing/talk-typing.

Do you know who the new reader is? It’s MsA. She was at home today, she had a sore tummy, she said. I sent her a link to her birthday post and she spent most of her day, reading old posts on my blog.

When I first started blogging, it was more of a virtual journal. Then as time went by, I hoped that one day I would share the blog with my girls and that they would read it and realise how much I love being their mum. I do hope they also realise how much they test my mettle and the fact that I still love them after all that they put me through , means they are super special.

MsA saved photos and some of her cute quips from the blog and dinner time conversation today was- ” mummy remember when I said this.. or when I did that..,”

I think all those years of blogging is worth it 🙂

By the way, the blog turned 12 too, this year! Isn’t it amazing?

I leave you with a picture very close to my heart.. I love the way the sun’s rays are filtering through the clouds. Every time I see this in the sky, it instantly fills me up with so much joy, hope and positivity. I hope this photo brings you the same positivity.


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