She is growing up…

I couldn’t think of an intelligent title for this post.. πŸ™‚

Today morning, MsAn was invited to a play date. She has been well rested, these holidays but bored out of her head. My little social butterfly needs to see people. She went to bed very excited, last night. But, I saw her excitement fizzle out, when it was time to go.

She started by saying, she is tired and needed more rest. So, I got in bed with her and snuggled up under the blanket. We started chatting. And then she quietly said, ‘what if the other girls don’t like me?’ There it was, the thing that was bothering her the most. It was a play date with my friend’s daughter T and her friends, friends that MsAn had never met.

MsAn has always been happy in her own skin and her own quirks, never really worrying about what others thought of her. I have spoken about her liking superheroes and having a superhero party for her birthday, while other girls her age were having a princess or fairy party. She chose to dress up as Hermione for Book Day this year.

But, slowly she is getting more aware of others around her. Is my little spunk getting bogged down by peer pressure? It broke my heart that she is even thinking about all this . The urge to wrap her up in bubble wrap and tuck her away safely in the safest place, was very very strong , but I am her mum and had to be adult about it.

So, I put on the biggest smile and told MsAn, that I was going to be just 5 minutes away, and that if she wasn’t having fun, she could ask T’s mum to call me. She asked me , “what if you are busy?” I assured her that I would come and get her, no matter what I was doing at the time. “What if something goes wrong- like a fight or a hurt?” We came up with an action plan for that too.

Satisfied, she got changed and was ready to go make some new friends.

I messaged my friend to check on MsAn a couple of times and all was well. When I went to pick her up, she wanted to stay for some more time. She didn’t make any new friends but her friend S was there too and they played with each other. MsS & MsAn have been friends since kindergarten – they are like Tom & Jerry – friends one minute, rivals the next, but it made me happy to see them reach out to one another, in an unfamiliar environment.

In the end, she had a great day and I suppose that’s all that matters. πŸ™‚

More later,




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