My bagel story


Even though I am love living in the suburbs, I love love love going to the city. There is something about the fast paced life there, that perks me up instantly.

We had to go to the city for an appointment at lunchtime, the other day and even though we were just in the car, I loved people watching – all those smartly dressed people laughing, talking, rushing through lunch hour.

After the appointment we stopped to have lunch at a small sushi place. SP was talking and I was people watching. He got a little annoyed, about how I was more interested in looking at random strangers than listening to him.  B.U.T. I LOVE people watching and imagining their conversations, their stories.

I watched a beautiful pregnant woman share her meal with a man – husband or partner perhaps and I was so tempted to tell her how beautiful she looked, in her maternal bloom.

I watched a group of young professional come in to pick up Sushi. The men stayed under cover and the girls stuck their hands out in the rain and laughed happily. That made me smile 🙂

We passed a bagel and coffee shop and I had to duck in. A little side story – When I was pregnant with MsA, our neighbour was an old lady, called Angela. She and her sister Sandy, had all but adopted me as their own. The day after they found out that I was pregnant, they came over with half a dozen bagels. I protested – its just the two of us and we  won’t be able to eat all those bagels and they argued and told me to put it in the freezer.  The bagels were so fresh, we finished them in 4 days. The next Sunday, they knocked on the door with more bagels. They catered for their local church and every Sunday, saved a small stack for me.

Obviously, I couldn’t walk past the bagel shop without stopping to grab a bagel.


This is for old times sake and for my beautiful angels Angela and Sandy. I wish there was some way to get in touch with them now. Just thinking about them makes me feel so emotional.

I am so grateful for people like those two and so many others, that helped me, just by being in my life at the time, when I just needed someone to make me smile and feel loved. Someone I love is up in heaven and she is sending these angels my way..

More later,



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