I love it…

… that they think that I have special powers.

I love it how Ms.A asks me to give her special sports power, every Wednesday morning, because she has sports that day. At the start of the year, she hated Sports/ PE classes, because she wasn’t a fast runner. And every Wednesday morning, she would fake a tummy ache or sore throat. And every Wednesday was the worst day of the week, according to her. We had a chat and just to motivate her, I told her that I would give her special running powers, when I dropped her off to school.But, they would only work, if SHE believed in them and in herself. That day, she came home happy and ever since, Wednesdays were not so bad anymore. I love it how she believes 🙂

I love it how Ms.An wants me to kiss her Owies away and only feels better if I do. Last week, I had to even kiss a specific spot on her little bum, because it was hurting. This morning, she has a sore tummy and just as she was doubling up with pain, she said to me,” Mumma, I want you to make me feel better”… It broke my heart and turned it to mush all at once. We snuggled up on the couch, till she started feeling better. She hopped off my lap, went on to do her thing and came back to me, when another wave of pain hit her, then, she asked me to make it better..

I know one day, they will stop believing in my magic. I know one day, they’ll be able to fix their own problems, but until then, I will continue to don my invisible cape and revel in the glory 🙂



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